Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My First Post

Welcome to my new IT blog. My blog will act like an online binder for ICT 8 this semester. I am so excited to start blogging!

Friday, 19 April 2013


You should all now have your Edmodo accounts set up. I will slowly be transferring all the links from this blog to Edmodo. As we get better at using it, I will try to link your grades and assignments as well. Check it out this weekend to stay up to date and become familiar with all its tools. Have a great weekend!

Monday, 15 April 2013


We are transitioning over to using EDMODO from now on (due to the Ipads). Check your EDMODO account for homework and updates!

Friday, 12 April 2013

P3 and P4

  1. Finish "Hitler Kills the Jews" questions
  2. Read and highlight "Flashpoint- SS St. Louis" handout
  3. Review for unit test (Tuesday)

Thursday, 11 April 2013

WW1 Review

                                 WW1 Review

1.       I gave women related to those in the war the right to vote. What am I?

2.      I was the most brutal stalemate in history. What battle am I?

3.      I am remembered as Canada’s greatest ace. Who am I?

4.      At Passchendaele, I took orders from Haig. Who am I?

5.      I am a nurse. What am I called because of my uniform?

6.      I am the CEF. What do I stand for?

7.      I am the training center set up for Canadian soldiers. Who am I?

8.      I am Valcartier. What province am I in?

9.      I occurred on the French-Belgium border. What battle am I?

10.     I am also known as a victory bond. What am I?

11.      I am Canada’s tin pot navy. What are the names of my boats?

12.     We are the triple alliance. Who are we?

13.     We are the allied powers. Who are we?

14.     I am the bill passed enforcing conscription.  What am I?

15.     I am caused by prolonged exposure to wet, cold, bloody and unsanitary conditions. What am I?

16.     I was the first battle fought with poison gas. Who am I?

17.     When I sank, America went to war. Who am I?

18.     I could attack an enemy ship undetected. Who am I?

19.     I jammed and backfired on the battlefield. Who am I?

20.    I promised conscription would never happen. Who am I?

21.     I killed Franz Ferdinand. Who am I?

22.    I am the armistice. When was I signed?

23.    I was the most important international agreement of the 20th century.

24.    I was the ingenious plan to avoid a two front war. What am I?

25.    I was abdicated from the Russian throne. Who am I?

26.    I was a “temporary” means of raising money for the war. What am I?

27.    I encouraged men to volunteer, people to buy victory bonds and I discriminated against the Germany. What am I?

28.    I was the minister of militia and defense. Who am I?

29.    We are the MAIN causes of WW1. Who are we?

30.    I am known as the Great War and the War to end all wars. Who am I?

31.     Two ships collided and blew me up. Who am I?

32.    Germany violated my neutrality. Who am I?

33.    I granted the Canadian government the authority to do anything for the security, defense and peace of Canada. What am I?

34.    I am the reason soldiers peed in cloths to protect themselves. Who am I?

35.    I am known as no man’s land. Where can you find me?

P1 and P2

  • WW1 test TOMORROW! Review, review, review!
  • Reading guide due TOMORROW!
  • Postcard due TOMORROW!

Homework Questions P3 and P4

Canada and WWII

Turn the following questions/statements into complete answers by reworking the sentence.

Handout: Serving Their Country

1.  List the diverse roles that women played in Canada’s Armed Forces during WWII.
2.  List the multiple jobs that women partook in on the home front.
3.  Describe the government incentives offered to women during WW2.

a.   Why did the government offer incentives to women?
b.  What happened to these incentives when the war was over?

Handout: Aboriginal Veterans

1.  What sacrifices did Aboriginals have to make in order to fight for Canada?
2.  What battles were Aboriginals involved in?
3.  Describe the differences in how Aboriginals were treated after the war in comparison to a Caucasian soldier.
4.  What do you think the quote, “What I served overseas I was a Canadian. When I came home I was just an Indian” means?
5.  Why do you think so many Aboriginals volunteered to fight for Canada even though they were not treated as equals in Canadian society?